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News on Planning

Planning Applications

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Supplementary Planning Document

The Heritage SPD has now been made available on their website. Click Here to find out more

All Council Consultations

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Allotment Consultations Results

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Article 4 Direction Commercial to Residential

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HCC Balancing the Budget

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Housing SPD Consultation Statement

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Changes to Bin Collections

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IMPORTANT: Regiter Your Vehicle To Gain Access To The Waste Tip At Wade Road

Or you will be charged per visit

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BDBC Priority List

Where our roads come in the BDBC priority list for parking improvement

For more information about the parking in residential areas programme or to request that your road is added to the programme, please email


This is the council's latest land allocation document. It lists on the council website all documents and here we shall Appendix 4 which is most relevant to town centre and Brookvale.

Appendix 4: Opportunity Sites - sites identified within Settlement Policy Boundaries and/or previously developed land (including exception sites which are suitably advanced)

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Crime Priority Survey Update

The police has given an response to the priority survey after a large number of responses. They have stated that they intend to prioritize handling violent crimes over theft and criminal damage.

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Local News



Local Government Boundary Commissions

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NHS Frailty Focus

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North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning group, backed by NHS Hampshire, wants to raise awareness of increasing numbers of vulnerable people who cannot recover after any stress, accident, illness and will lose their independence.

Mental Health Support

Big Lottery Reaching Communities Fund has funded two new Home Start Mental Health Project co-ordinators. Fran Huntley looks after us in North West Hampshire for holistic individualised wellbeing support for families to overcome difficulties in volunteer and group sessions.

Phone: 01256 405988

Domestic Abuse

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The North East Hampshire Domestic Abuse Forum is an interagency networking group who want to ensure those affected can access the most appropriate services as soon as possible. Self and agency referrals are accepted for Support from the You Trust.

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