Brookvale Community Association

Frequently asked questions



Q. Do you have a bar?

A. No, we don't.

Q. Can I bring my own alcohol?

A. You can bring your own drinks if it is not for sale. The Association does not hold a premises licence for sales. If you want to sell drinks you must ask us at the time of booking and let us have details of the licensee you expect to use. If this is accepted, a temporary licence must be obtained from Basingstoke Council.

Q. Where can our guests smoke?

A. There is a designated smoking area, outside the front door. The sand bucket must be used, and used smoking materials must be taken away when you clear up.

Q. Why do I have to pay a deposit? Is it returnable?

A. If you wish, we will hold a booking for you for a few days after your enquiry, allowing you to make a decision and finalise your plans ahead of time. Once you have decided, we will invoice you and ask for the full amount if the booking is less than 4 weeks away. If longer, we will ask for one third deposit and cheques for the balance and the £50 damage deposit dated two weeks before the event. As long as everything is left in good condition and the terms and conditions have been followed, the £50 will be returned to you within 10 days.

Q What is included in the hire?

A. You have access to plenty of tables and chairs. The kitchen is for use by both halls if occupied. It is quite a large kitchen, and has plenty of mugs and kettles for both halls. There is a microwave, fridge and cooker with oven to use. There is a hatch which open to the Main Hall and one to the Atrium. There is a stage if required. There is free parking on site and disabled toilet facilities. Please ask for the water boiler if you have a large function.

Q Where are the chairs and tables kept?

A. There are large store cupboards in the main hall, and some are on the first floor.

Q Can we play music?

A. Yes – but bearing in mind how close neighbours are! A normal CD player or similar works well. Please ask for the sound system if you have a large function. It needs an experienced operator, and use is at your own risk.

Q. Does the hall have a stage?

A. Yes, with some lighting over. The stage must not be moved

Q. Do I have to clean up after my hire?

A. Yes you do. The Hall must be left swept and tidy. There are brooms and mops in the hall cupboard and you must take your rubbish home. The Council does not collect from the Hall. It rarely happens that we need to deduct the cost of extra cleaning from the deposit.

Q. Do I need any keys to get in? Who locks up?

A. A volunteer will come and unlock the entrance at the start of your hire time, and show you around. We will return to lock up at the end of the hire time. You may be charged if we cannot lock up on time.

Q. Can we use the field out the back?

A. The land is not within our lease, but is freely accessible Council land. Use is at your own risk- remembering that it is unfenced and beside a public road

Q. Can I have a bouncy castle?

A. The main hall will fit in a children’s bouncy castle and many of our hirers have them. All hirers must find a reputable company which has insurance and the castle should never be left unattended. Any such activity is your responsibility.

Q. Can I have a smoke machine?

A. Unfortunately not.

Q. Can I have candles?

A. Candles on a cake are allowed, at your own risk, but otherwise not. Gas canisters cannot be used.

Q. How many people can you fit in?

A. The main hall fits 100 people standing, but if all your guests are at tables, it is nearer 60, as recommended by health and safety guidelines. Upstairs, the Green Room seats 12, and the Studio seats 30

Q. How many people can the Committee Room hold?

A. It can hold 20 people standing, but up to 12 around the boardroom table

Q. Will there be any Association staff on hand?

A. No. You should take a phone number when you arrive. If you do need help – do not hesitate to contact them.

Q. When are your opening hours?

A. The Hall is available from 9am to 10pm, last lock up is at 10:00pm

Q. I just need a meeting room; do you have any smaller rooms?

A. Yes, we have a Committee Room downstairs and the Green Room upstairs. It up to 12 around the boardroom table. You may bring a white board and an A3 pad stand and a projector with you and there is a kitchen with kettles and lots of mugs if the Main Hall is not in use. In that case we may provide water jugs & glasses.

Q. When do I have to pay for my hire? What methods of payment do you accept?

A. The deposit is required when placing the booking and the rest is paid no later than 4 weeks in advance of your hire date. You are welcome to pay the whole balance on booking if you prefer to get it out the way. We accept bank transfers, cheque or cash. We prefer cheques, as we do not cash the £50 deposit unless it is needed.

Q. Are there other restrictions?

A. Yes, some

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