Brookvale Community Association

Booking the Hall

  1. Brookvale Village Hall is available to hire on an ongoing or one off basis for groups, private events and functions at the following hourly rates here.

  2. The latest Combined Hiring Conditions are found here.

  3. To book the Hall, please click here.

  4. We will confirm the booking or suggest an alternative booking.

  5. Room dimensions can be found here.

  6. Before hiring a room, should a Pandemic return, please read the Covid-19 conditions here and the Covid Policy here.

  7. Further information may be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

  8. For regular/repeat bookings, you may wish to create your own HallMaster user account described below.

  9. Before you use HallMaster to make a booking, please see the downloadable user guide at: Customer User Guide (

  10. To make a HallMaster booking, you would create your HallMaster user account and when you have filled in all the necessary fields, HallMaster will email you a verification link that you click on to enable your login/access, then HallMaster will confirm at your account creation screen “Email Verified Successfully”.

  11. At any time you can check if there is a free booking a slot in HallMaster, go to here and scroll the Weekly Diary (using the using the INNER vertical scroll bar).

  12. Hover over or Click on an Event to see more details.

  13. Should you wish to create a HallMaster booking yourself from this weekly diary, click on the + at the far top right-hand side of the room horizontal green band you want to book to make your booking request. Room Status is either: Fully Available - Partially Booked - Fully Booked. Once you are logged into HallMaster (from either here at step 13 or earlier at step 10), you can create your booking request

  14. Remember to fill in all the booking fields until you get to the Request Booking green button, which after checking all the details you want, you press to send your booking request to both HallMaster and us and then go back to step 4 for us to confirm back to you.

  15. Any issues, please email